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We are the 1st North Indian Outdoor Advertising LED Screen Network.

The key to the growth of organizations precisely lies in outdoor advertising. Thus, investing in LED Screens is synonymous with achieving high-impact and, making a bigger profit from advertising, which is ideal to make any business stand out among competitors. And in this context, due to its large dimensions, Our service is one of the most demanded solutions due to our efficiency.

If you are interested in advertising, sale, Renting your LED boards/screens, Marketing, digital advertising of products/businesses then this is the right place for you.

Start hoarding advertising business:- Anyone who wants to get into hoarding advertising business and if they also have any property/ site from where people can view hoardings with ease and clarity like (market , Intersection,highway) then  they install hoarding site and  upload video & images of that respective site on website in order to get monthly rent offers to earn handsome income  from client /advertiser..

Advertising marketing:- The people who work in advertising marketing sector but don't have their own hoarding sites , then they can contact the advertising agencies for hoarding sites.
Furthermore, the hoarding sites can be uploaded to the website in order to get direct offer from clients.
Also, advertising marketing sector people can work with advertising agencies on commission basis for decent income.

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