ABOUT US is an advertising LED screens Networking website that joins the World's  Outdoor and indoor advertising LED Screens at one platform. This leads to unlimited exposure to the screens and businesses. In return, you will reap the extra benefits from your business by placing advertisements on not only your own screens but on other screens also.

Our site will give you the opportunity to deal in National / International and commercial ads and this way you can earn extra income benefits from your business.


Individuals/firms / companies dealing in LED screens advertising and also have their LED screens placed at different locations then they can register on our site as a media owner. 

all media owners and advertising agencies can upload their advertising media like (led screens. hoardings,billboard,bus advertising, auto advertising, cab advertising, train advertising,highway hoardings and unipal) on the website. Moreover, the media owners and advertising agencies can directly contact clients and can grab direct advertising offer as per location. Also, the clients can get offers via SMS or an email.

Register gives you a Golden opportunity to promote your business by registering your LED screen manufacturer company, LED screen shop, LED products, Rental LED Screens, Rental LED screen vehicle, Advertising agency, Digital Advertising agency, Ad maker on website.



Furthermore, you get the felicitous opportunity to advertise/promote your business in any corner of the world by sitting at your home or office. Moreover, you can watch your ongoing advertisement live from any corner of the world ,on your mobile or desktop.

LED Screen Advertising is a communication medium with the latest technology. In simplistic terms, it is a remotely managed electronic display device in which content such as full-motion video, photo-realistic graphics, texts or animation can be displayed in full HD. Research shows that digital LED Screen is viewed up to ten times more often than static signage marketing, Digital signs can save on advertising costs through high-impact targeting, creating a greater return on investment for your advertisement. Our Screens focuses on marketing to consumers when they are in public spaces. It goes where most other media can't go to surround and immerse consumers out of home, where they spend 70% of their waking hours. This is very effective to captivate a large group of the audience as they can be seen at night, during the rainy season and even during the day.


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