Register With Us is an advertising LED screens Networking website that joins the World's  Outdoor and indoor advertising LED Screens at one platform. This leads to unlimited exposure to screens and businesses. In return, you will reap the extra benefits from your business by placing advertisements on not only your own screens but on other screens also.

Our site will give you the opportunity to deal with National / International and commercial adds and this way you can earn extra income benefits from your business.

Individuals/firms/companies dealing in LED screens advertising and also have their LED screens placed at different locations then they can register on our site as a Media owner. In return, they will be getting the following perks:

1. They can earn more in advertising if people contact them directly.

2. We will provide National / International advertisements to them.

3. They can advertise their LED screens available at different locations.

4. They can promote their business to the right kind of customers.

5. They can add the Location of their LED Screens on our website.

Moreover, if you deal in Rental Led screen Vans or any other vehicles then you can add your LED screen vans also on our website (with per day rental and Per month rental charges). People can contact you directly for booking your LED screen vans or placing their Advertisements on your LED vans resulting in handsome business profits.

Also, if you deal in Rental LED Screens then you can add the location of LED Screens that are available for rent on our website (with per day rental and Per month rental charges). The interested people can contact you directly for booking LED Screens resulting in enhanced profits for your business.

In case your LED screen is not available on the customer choice location, then you can contact or refer any other LED screen dealer for that advertisement. This way you will get a fixed commission from that company or LED dealer.

Gain Trust Of Your Customers
You can gain the trust of your customers by showing ongoing and live adds to the customer. You have to just place CCTV camera in front of the LED Screen and create the live Link on youtube and you can paste that link in Led Screen Detail. Here you go !! Your screen goes live on the website.

Start LED Screen Advertising

You can start the Indoor/Outdoor LED Screen advertising business in any location, city, shopping mall or market and can earn handsome income.

Are you a newcomer? No Worries!! We will guide you regarding LED Screens Brands, Led screen parts and will assist you with all other technical knowledge.

If you join us then you will get the opportunity to get the adds of National/Multi-national companies and that will surely act as a cherry on the cake for your business.

Come and join us to take your business at Vantage!

 Media owner:- all media owners and advertising agencies can upload their advertising media like ( hoardings,billboard,bus advertising, auto advertising, cab advertising, train advertising,highway hoardings and unipal) on the website. Moreover, the media owners and advertising agencies can directly contact clients and can grab direct advertising offer as per location. Also, the clients can get offers via SMS or an email.


How to Add LED Screen/Rental LED Screen Vehicle/Rental LED Screen/ hoarding/billboard for advertising?

Step-1: Register as a Media Owner and then Login

Step-2: Go to media owner in the main menu.

Step-3: Select the required option from(Add LED Screen/Add Rental Vehicle/Add Rental Screen/add hoarding/billboard).

Step-4: After selecting,Fill the Screen/hoarding/billboard Details.

Step-5: Click Activate.

If you`d like to submit an Inquiry/ Message/ Feedback, we would be more than happy to respond to your request as soon as possible.